Stream ‘Three White Horses’

Right this moment, you can give a first listen to “Three White Horses” from the forthcoming album “Hands Of Glory”. One album was just not enough to contain all the music created this year, so October 30th will see the release of a companion piece to “Break It Yourself”. Featuring three new songs and covers ranging from Townes Van Zandt to the Handsome Family, Hands of Glory was born of inspired times on the road and at the farm, and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

Stream “Three White Horses”


Andrew Bird / Hands of Glory / 10.30.12
1. Three White Horses
2. When That Helicopter Comes
3. Spirograph
4. Railroad Bill
5. Something Biblical
6. If I Needed You
7. Orpheo
8 Beyond the Valley of the Three White Horses